Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Charles on Charlie

Watching Charlie Rose causes my palms to bleed from the number of times I dig my fingernails into them during each show. His constant interruptions, his ruffling of notes while his guest is talking, the 77 times each show he has to get in saying "in terms of," his laughing at things that aren't funny and for way longer than necessary, his incomplete sentences and questions, his verbal ellipses, his horrendous reading-aloud skills, ...hmm...why *do* I watch? Oh yeah, for stuff like this...

Fried: "Ted Kennedy said, as if it was something against Judge Alito, that Alito in his whole life had only had one client, the American government. Is that only one client? The American government is the American people. At Harvard we call that "public service" and we give people loan forgivenesses so they'll do it."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I took Professor Fried. By far the most enjoyable and entertaining class I had at Harvard. He should teach teaching!

Hang tough, Prof. Namewithheld!

10:23 AM  

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